“Life is not about how many breaths we take,
but about the moments that take our breath away.”

Travel is a lot like life; it’s about the experience and what we take away from it (and in some cases, what we contribute to it by being a part of it.) Travel opens one’s eyes and mind to the world. Travel enables us to learn and change prospective about our fellow man. Travel allows us to experience something we may have never done before, eaten before or learned before. The best travel experiences should take one’s breath away and create lasting memories.

My wanderlust started with my growing up as a Air Force brat traveling to almost every state in the U.S.  and seeing the sights this country has to offer. It set me up for a lifetime desire to travel.

Why I am A Picky Traveler? I have high expectations. I am always in search of the satisfying travel and/or dining experience. Satisfaction doesn’t always have to be luxurious and all about comfort. It can be simple and humbling. It can be awe inspiring. Unfortunately, sometimes travel experiences can be bad. This blog is about sharing unvarnished experiences in a style where details make the reader feel as if they are there with me. To quote travel guide and writer Rick Steves: “Travel writing means going great places and taking your reader with you.”

I hope that my writings will inspire others to “Get out there and explore the world to see and experience how other people live.”

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