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9/11 Memories & How That Terrible Day That Affected Travel

All of us that were alive on 9/11/2001 have memories of that day that we will never forget. Like the day John F Kennedy was assassinated, we can recall where we were and what we were doing when we heard … Continue reading

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Travel During COVID-19 Pandemic

Yikes! It’s been a while since I have had time to write anything on this blog – more than 2.5 years! That’s what having a regular full time job will do to a person – give a steady income but … Continue reading

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“I’d like to order the special, but please hold the side of children.”

 Banning ill-mannered children from restaurants This morning, my local newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times, published an article touting yet another restaurant announcing a ban on kids. Surprisingly, this time it’s a pizza place. Being ‘a picky traveler”, I totally identified with … Continue reading

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Annoying Airline Passenger Stories

I recently came across a post on the blog Young Adventuress about annoying things people do on airplanes ( It is well worth reading. This post is both painfully honest and hilarious at the same time. It got me to … Continue reading

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