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Taste of Tampa Bay – Gluten Free Can Be Delicious

In recent years, I have developed a sensativity to gluten. Sometimes I am able to eat an item made with wheat with little to no effect; other times there are painful consequences. I keep a mental list of what causes … Continue reading

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Lenten Dining Ideas – Fish & Chips

It is now the week before Easter and if like so many you are abstaining from meat for Lent, you may well be running out of interesting and delicious ideas of what non-meat meals to eat on Fridays. Raised Catholic, … Continue reading

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Spring Training Baseball a Big Hit For Florida Tourism

It’s spring here in Florida and many a young man’s (and older men as well) fancy turns to romance. The romance of baseball spring training, that is. If there weren’t already enough reasons to come to Florida in March – … Continue reading

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Bern’s Steakhouse – A Classic

TBT – This is a reprint (with updates) of a review I wrote for the web site IGOUGO.com on June 12, 2007. Make reservations, dress up in your Sunday best and prepare to enjoy one of Tampa Bay’s best known … Continue reading

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Lobster Haven is Lobster Heaven

Over the years one finds that some of the best places to eat are not fancy; sometimes border lining on being considered a dump. One such hidden gem is tucked away in a strip mall on Hillsborough Avenue right before … Continue reading

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A Day with the Fishes at The Florida Aquarium

Living in Florida definitely has its advantages, one of the best being that almost the entire state is wrapped in a wonderful mantle of beautiful sand beaches that fan out into gorgeous ocean views. There is easy access for divers and … Continue reading

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